Coconut star
Item number: JU2334
Coconut heart
Item number: JU2333
Plywood heart
Item number: JU2332
Plywood star
Item number: JU2331
Plywood tree
Item number: JU2330
Bark house
Item number: JU2306
Plywood house
Item number: JU2305
Plywood house
Item number: JU2303
Lacquer bamboo ball, nude
Item number: JU2178
Before EUR 16.80
EUR 6.63

Save EUR 10.18
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Lacquer bamboo ball, satin
Item number: JU2177
Before EUR 16.80
EUR 6.63

Save EUR 10.18
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Fruit wreath, flat, nature
Item number: JU2161
Before EUR 22.70
EUR 6.75

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About Oi Soi Oi

Oi Soi Oi designs and produces furniture, homeware, clothing and accessories, which are sold across Scandinavia and Europe. Oi Soi Oi is Vietnamese for “goodness gracious me!”.
The goal of our design is always to combine the best of two worlds - the clean and simple Scandinavian style with the exotic and colourful style of Asia. We believe this creates a unique and individual look.

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Write to us at or call +45 48 48 20 70.

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